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Head Shots for NYCC!

This is a selection of the 5x7” head shots I’ll have available at my Artist Alley tables at New York Comic Con and Long Beach Comic Con. Only $20 each!

These are original, one of a kind, mini pieces I do as affordable con exclusives. They’re not available by mail and I don’t make prints of them. I just don’t have time.

These are what I do for fun after work. I don’t do these on request. What I have in the bin is what you have to choose from, so get there early. They are first come first served.

I’m still taking orders for full size New York Comic Con commission pre-orders. Email me at for questions and requests.

James is knocking it OUT OF THE PARK with these head sketches which are ONLY available at our NYCC con tables in October.
While James is not taking requests or pre-orders for the head sketches, he IS taking pre-commissions for NYCC and Long Beach comic con. The commissions start at $60-70, which is a little pricier than these sketches, but the commissions are full colour, a lot bigger and you can request custom subjects.

So if you love these pieces and would like a custom piece, consider hitting up James for a pre-commission, they’re worth it. Direct all enquiries to silvaniart at gmail dot com.

My list for NYCC & LBCC pre-commissions is now closed.